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Why You Should Write More Amateur Blog Posts

If you are reading this, then, likely, you’ve longed to be an amateur blog writer at some point in your life. There’s an excellent likelihood that you even started blogging to be an amateur blog writer, but, as many people before you, could not sustain it. 

As an amateur blog writer, there are just so many things that you need to have instantly, such as a huge following, having money from your blog, etc. 
It’s these things, which are going to help you be successful as an amateur blog writer. 
So, let’s talk about these, shall we?

  • Social Media: There are better ways to build your readership online, and social media is one of them. 

It’s the best way to get the word out about your amateur blog, and if you have an email list, then it’s even better. 
Email lists are the best ways to build your readership online. 
You can use them for several different reasons, from marketing to inform your readers about stuff in your blogs. 
The best thing about having an email list is that it can help you to promote affiliate products to your readers. 
You can easily send them helpful information or promotions to their email list and, all without having to go and advertise yourself.

  • Creative Writing: Another of the best ways to attract people to your amateur blog is by writing regular posts and making them available to your readers.

If you are a good writer, your readers will start appreciating and motivating you more. 
If your writing gets picked up, you can have your work published on other’s sites and create even more readers. 
The key to being a successful writer is being creative and making your creative writing posts as exciting and informative as possible while also making them attractive enough so that they will keep your reader’s attention.

  • Make Money: Finally, the best way for you to make money through blogging is through Google AdSense.

Blogging for money has never been so easy for an amateur blogger! 
You need to set up a blog and begin advertising your content; once your blog has been approved, you can place Google ads on the side or right hand. 
With every click, your earning gets increased, and you can now make money while blogging!
Why Choose WordPress? 
WordPress is the most accessible blogging platform to use, and you can be up and running in no time at all with it. 
Also, it’s accessible and trendy. 
One of the most common reasons people choose to blog with WordPress is because it’s very stable, reliable, and versatile. 
What’s more, it also allows you to do things like adding different themes and plugins that make your writing experience that much more fun.

  • Email List: Most amateur bloggers fail because they do not have an email list. 

When you create and maintain an email list, you can attract even more people to sign up for your list. 
Once your list grows, you can start using email marketing (also known as email campaigns) to market your products and services to these people. 
You can get your product in front of thousands of new customers who are constantly looking for something new to try out.

  • Build a Network of Contacts: You can also build a network of contacts when you start blogging. 

Thanks to the contact list you have built up over the years, this means that you can quickly contact future customers, clients, and colleagues. 
With your list, you can always reach out to the community and help you spread your message further by promoting your blog. 
You may also want to write guest posts for other well-known blogs in the niche, which is yet another excellent opportunity for you to build a relationship with potential readers and clients.

  • Promote Your Blog: There are several ways to promote your blog once they have been established.

One of the best methods is blogging on other well-known blogs in the same niche, linking back to your website. 
Another good strategy is joining discussion forums in the same niche. 
Lastly, submitting your blog posts to article directories is yet another strategy for driving organic traffic to your website. 
Many people prefer to read content from other writers rather than reading articles from one author alone.

Why You Should Write More Amateur Blog Posts

Why You Should Write More Amateur Blog Posts


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