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What Should I Charge For Article Writing?

What should I charge for article writing? The amount you charge depends on the industry you are writing for, how long it is, and how much research and writing is required. Entry-level writers may charge less than professional writers, or write articles for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Professional writers, on the other hand, may charge more for extensive research and interviews. The amount you charge will also depend on how much experience you have in the field.

Market knowledge

The development of market knowledge is easier than gaining behavioral leadership competencies. While performance at the basic or middle level of the game requires study and practice, strategic leadership requires insight derived from understanding the breadth and depth of the business. Market knowledge provides insight into the levers of change and other factors that influence the market. When a leader understands the scope and depth of a market, they are more likely to understand the business better and respond to competitors’ marketing efforts accordingly.


While some writers charge a fixed amount for articles, others vary their prices to accommodate varying budgets. Some charge per word, while others charge per article. This can vary greatly, so it is important to determine which one suits your needs best. The price per article will depend on the length, complexity, and research involved in the project. You may have several types of writing to complete for your business. Here are some guidelines to help you determine a price per article.

Pricing for journal articles varies wildly between journals. Libraries may end up paying significantly more for an article if a journal’s paywall declines. The best way to make this model work is to implement a rolling three-year period, where prices remain the same but are shifted upwards and downwards by one year. As a result, publishers are forced to share the risk. This is particularly problematic when the publication’s paywall is in effect – the price per article should be determined on a three-year rolling basis.

The biggest science publisher, Elsevier, is attempting to woo UK universities with a five-year transformational deal. The deal is expected to dramatically increase the volume of papers published in UK universities, so discussions about open access will revolve around a fair average price per article. Meanwhile, SpringerNature, a German publisher, has signed a deal that covers the production of 13,000 open access articles in the Netherlands per year.

The Frontiers APC pricing scheme reflects journal maturity and funding availability among various research communities. More mature journals subsidize less developed journals and richer communities. Thus, the whole process of Open Science can benefit all research communities. If the pricing structure continues to develop as expected, the journal’s APC will be US$2,300. The price per article varies with the category of the journal. For Category 4 journals, it is EUR2,500; for Category 5 journals, it is US$3,000.

Number of words in the article

The answer to the question “How much should I charge per article?” depends on your area of expertise and the size of your client’s budget. You may charge a lower rate for a short, informative article, while an advanced professional will charge more for a lengthy and more complex article that requires research and interviews.

What Should I Charge For Article Writing?


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