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What is Content Marketing Model

What is Content Marketing Model

When putting together your content, you must have a clear idea of what your Hero, Hub, and Hierarchy are. These elements are essential for a successful content marketing strategy. These components also help you optimize your content for search engines. Content Inc. is a company that focuses on content marketing and offers a number of revenue opportunities. The company has been transforming organizations and creating content assets for over ten years. You can learn more about its content marketing model here.


This hero content marketing model helps you create a variety of different types of content to attract different audiences. For example, help videos are about guides to cities and hub content is about weekly videos about landmarks. Although many brands can’t produce these three types of content, Hero creators do. They use a mix of videos to build brand awareness, attract new subscribers, and retain existing ones. The strategy also involves other kinds of content besides video.

The hero content is often published on a range of platforms and is “pushed” to people through social media, newsletters, and paid media. It may be innovative and creative, or it may be entertaining. It’s often created by a marketing agency or a professional videographer. The content is then distributed across many major marketing channels. This strategy is extremely effective in achieving the objectives of content marketing. In addition to content that engages audiences, Hero content also reflects the company’s values and strengthens its positive connection to its viewers.


The Hub and spoke content marketing model is a strategy for publishing content on a topic that is relevant to your readers. The content on your site must be optimised to rank well on search engine results pages. Your content should also include relevant CTAs, such as a call to action for downloads or webinar signups. Moreover, an effective content marketing strategy will increase your readers’ engagement, such as social sharing and comments. To ensure the success of your content marketing strategy, you should constantly monitor engagement metrics.

Brands generate massive amounts of digital assets, some of which are intended to attract new readers while others are designed to educate and engage buyers further down the sales funnel. By understanding the various types of readers and their needs, content marketers can create a content strategy that meets their needs. For example, a Demand Gen Report found that 47 percent of B2B buyers read at least two pieces of content before speaking with a sales representative. A hub can help these users build base knowledge before engaging with your sales team. In addition, a hub can automate the discovery process and enhance the quality of your inbound leads.


The importance of hierarchy in content marketing is often overlooked, but it is extremely important. It can help you discover new trends and fill in gaps in your marketing strategy. Hierarchy content can also be a great way to build relationships with your customers and draw new audiences. It can be as simple as a short video explaining the features of your product or service or a how-to guide. The content you create should be relevant to your audience and answer the questions they are asking about your brand.

Hierarchy content is the backbone of the content pyramid. It covers the basics, including the “About Us” page, FAQ lists, product descriptions, and more. These content items don’t require regular updating, and they only need to be updated when the content marketing strategy changes. For example, if you’re creating a blog for your company, you can use it to promote your brand and create useful content for users.

Optimize for search engines

Content optimization is an essential part of digital marketing. This process allows you to increase web traffic, brand awareness, and conversions by providing search engines with crucial information about your business. Search engine optimization involves a wide range of details and intricacies. While there are some general guidelines, it’s important to consider the user experience when determining your optimization strategy. Providing a good user experience will help your audience stay longer on your website and generate more leads.

In addition to content optimization, a good SEO strategy also includes the use of meta tags. By utilizing titles, headings, and meta keywords, search engines can see what your content is about and serve it up accordingly. This is crucial for your website to get indexed. Using this strategy will make your content more visible on search engines and provide you with increased visibility. While optimizing your text for search engines can be complicated, there are some common practices that you can follow to make it as SEO-friendly as possible.

Engage customer-facing teams

It’s important to include your customer-facing team in the content marketing model, which can help them make better business decisions. Employees who are passionate about their company are more likely to advocate for your brand and create great content. In fact, employees who feel good about their company are 20 percent more profitable. It also helps to reduce staff turnover and absenteeism. Not only do engaged employees make better business decisions, but they also make better marketing content. This makes every employee an effective salesperson.

The best way to understand your customer’s needs and challenges is to talk to them. Ask existing customers what they are searching for and how they evaluate products and services. By asking them about their experiences, you can gain valuable insight into what makes them tick. The most common challenges are time and resource constraints. However, even teams that have a tight budget can benefit from information goldmines. By taking the time to learn more about your customers, you’ll be better prepared to create better content.

What is Content Marketing Model


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