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Toronto Digital Marketing Marketplace

Toronto Digital Marketing Marketplace

To get a feel for the local digital marketing landscape, consider using one of the many online tools available. These sites include OfferUp, iExperto, Xandr, Cue Digital Media, and many others. If you’re looking to increase your business online, these can be great options. The competition in these markets is fierce, but it’s still possible to make money. Read on to learn how to get started.


If you’re looking to increase your exposure to local customers, offerUp is one of the best places to look. The company has made its marketing and sales strategy mobile-first by introducing its MeetUp program. This program lets users meet up with sellers at designated spots to buy and sell items. It also allows users to return items that don’t match the description or are defective. The company is based in Bellevue, Washington. Founded by Nick Huzar, he worked at Microsoft and T-Mobile before launching OfferUp. He also founded a company called Konnects Inc., which helped the traditional media companies better target their audiences.

The Letgo app, which was bought by OfferUp, is now part of OfferUp. According to the company, it allowed the alleged shooter to become a verified seller on the site. In response, OfferUp has introduced a Verified Dealer Program, a paid monthly subscription, which helps active dealers improve their visibility on the site. This program offers an opportunity to advertise your items on an ongoing basis. However, be aware that there are risks involved with this type of marketing plan, so choose it wisely.


iExperto, previously known as Expert Solutions, is a digital marketing marketplace in Toronto that brings together expert consultants and companies. Their offerings include custom website design and eCommerce solutions, as well as user interface design and mobile website design. In addition to these, they offer robust Learning Management Systems and have a strong understanding of User Experience. This makes them an excellent choice for any company that wants to boost its online presence.

Local search results are extremely important. When people look for local services or products, they want to find them near them. This means that they are more likely to visit a local store if they need to. They may also need to know about store hours or the availability of a product. That means that you need to show up in these search results for your business to be found by the right customers. iExperto can help your business stand out in the Toronto digital marketing market.


Xandr is an online advertising platform from AT&T. Its technology is built on valuable proprietary first-party data that enables it to serve ads to targeted audiences. It also features a range of premium content, real-time attribution, and a variety of cross-channel ad formats. Xandr offers publishers and advertisers the ability to reach audiences based on geography, language, operating systems, and more. The platform also allows publishers and advertisers to scale direct-to-consumer distribution, providing premium, brand-safe experiences.

Xandr acquired WarnerMedia in June 2018. It also has strategic buying capabilities, delivering premium supply across digital and advanced TV formats. Its flexible transacting models help advertisers connect with engaged consumers and drive business results. Its self-serve platform, Xandr Monetize, enables media companies to unlock full value and improve the consumer experience with programmatic solutions. Its platform also enables advertisers to track and manage campaigns across all screens and media formats.

Cue Digital Media

Cue Digital Media is one of Canada’s premier online media companies. It offers online advertising opportunities, branded content, sponsorships, and partnerships for businesses. The company represents select premium online properties that reach over 19.5 million unique Canadians each month. Some of these properties include Toronto’s most popular digital news websites. In addition, Cue offers a variety of ad formats for clients across all industries.

The company has recently made several leadership changes. Jason Owens, who has been with the agency for over five years, has been promoted to director of digital production. Sarina Adamo was promoted to marketing and communications manager and will have more PR responsibilities. Isabelle Davidian, formerly a director of client services, is now the director of sales. Cue Digital’s clients include Group Nine, DAZN, and The Fader.

Selling on the Spot Marketplace

The Selling on the Spot Marketplace is not your typical networking event. It’s a community of small business owners and entrepreneurs who come together to share and network with each other. A recent event in St. Louis, Missouri, saw a robber shoot a victim in the leg. The same weekend, in Columbus, Ohio, police caught a teenager responsible for at least 12 Marketplace robberies. A few have turned violent and resulted in murder. Regardless of the type of business you run, you can join this unique event and expand your network of clients, connections, and contacts.

Toronto Digital Marketing Marketplace


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