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Toronto Content Marketing Marketplace

Toronto Content Marketing Marketplace

There are many different options available for content marketers in the Toronto content marketing marketplace. There are ScribbleLive, Cue Digital Media, Venngage, and Thrive. Each of these platforms offers different types of content and can help businesses reach their goals. The first step to finding the right content marketing agency for your business is identifying your specific needs. Then, the agency will begin to develop a strategy and outline your key business and customer needs.


If you’re looking for a content marketing platform in the Toronto area, you may be interested in learning more about the company behind Venngage. The company provides a number of tools for content creators, including infographics and other tools. The information on this platform can help you get started on your marketing journey. The company’s marketing strategy has changed over the years, but the same basic structure remains. Venngage’s mission remains the same: to empower content creators with the best content marketing platform available.

The platform is easy to use and features templates for a variety of projects. It eliminates the frustration of learning how to use complicated design software and figuring out complex concepts. For instance, the company offers templates for infographics, presentations, reports, and social media images. Users can sign up with an email address and choose a password to gain access to free templates. Advanced features require an upgraded membership. Those with limited budgets can start with free templates and then upgrade at a later date.


After acquiring ion interactive, a Florida-based enterprise SaaS platform that allows marketers to create and publish interactive content, ScribbleLive is preparing to take the next step in its evolution. The new platform will combine data science, content planning, and distribution into a unified solution. Visually, meanwhile, will allow brands to engage their audiences through premium content by bringing together a network of creative professionals and a project management platform. The combined solution will enable marketers to reach new audiences with faster results and higher conversion rates than traditional methods.

In recent years, ScribbleLive has become a content marketing marketplace powered by data science. Visually, meanwhile, started out as an infographic creation tool but has since evolved into a marketplace for businesses to recruit freelance visual content creators. The combination of both companies will give ScribbleLive a stronger presence in the US, where the company can continue to provide a full-service marketing solution to businesses. It is unclear how this merger will affect Visually customers, but it will definitely give ScribbleLive a stronger presence in the US.


Whether you need online content for your blog or website, or you need to promote your products and services, Thrive Toronto is the place to go. With over 15 years of experience, the company has helped thousands of clients in North America. Toronto is the capital of Ontario and is a multi-cultural city with more than 250 different ethnicities. It is home to a thriving cultural and food scene, including dishes from all over the world. Moreover, it is a leading entertainment and arts hub, with festivals and international acts performing annually.

Cue Digital Media

Known as Canada’s leading online media company, Cue Digital Media provides online advertising solutions through programmatic buying, sponsorships, partnerships, and branded content. Cue works with a select group of premium online properties that reach more than 19 million Canadians each month. These companies include high-profile digital news websites and industry publications. By offering the services of a Toronto content marketing marketplace, businesses and advertisers can reach a vast audience.

The Toronto-based agency has also recently added three leadership positions. Jason Owens has been with the company since 2011, and will oversee all aspects of digital production. Sarina Adamo has been promoted to marketing and communications manager, adding more responsibilities in the PR department. Meanwhile, Isabelle Davidian has been named director of sales. The new owners plan to double the number of customers and audience that Cue offers with the acquisition of Cue Digital.


Accessible Media Inc. is a not-for-profit multimedia organization that provides free media and educational content to five million Canadians with disabilities. It operates three broadcast services: Canadian Life, TV One, and Accessible Media Inc. (AMI). Among other things, AMI produces television programs, radio programs, and online publications. Through its content marketing marketplace, advertisers can purchase advertising space on AMI’s digital properties.

Toronto Content Marketing Marketplace


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