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Top Content Marketplace Toronto

Top Content Marketplace Toronto

If you’re interested in creating course materials for your online course, you’ll want to sign up for Top Hat. This EdTech startup offers the tools needed to create course materials, assemble them, and share them with a marketplace. Top Hat provides course materials that are fully course-aligned and interactive. Its content library features OpenStax OER and Saylor and Phet science sims from CU. 90% of the content is free and open, and it also allows instructors to engage with a community of editors and instructional designers.

Top Hat Marketplace

Earlier this year, Top Hat announced a $22.5 million Series C round, including $7.5 million from the Leaders Fund. Today, it is launching the content marketplace, which is designed to challenge the textbook industry. This industry is notorious for charging hundreds of dollars for a book, online tools, and addenda. The Top Hat marketplace aims to disrupt this industry and help professors find free resources for their courses. It has 330 employees and is quickly expanding.

The Toronto-based startup has been making waves in the academic publishing space. It has recently acquired the rights to over 400 higher-ed textbooks from Nelson. The acquisition represents the entire domestic higher-education textbook business of the Canadian company. Though Top Hat declined to reveal the value of the deal, The Globe and Mail reported that it was worth under $30 million. In addition to textbooks, the Top Hat marketplace offers a variety of other educational content, including videos, interactive content, and live Twitter feeds.

The Top Hat marketplace is a new platform that allows educators to create and share course materials. The platform requires that educators release their content under a Creative Commons license. It also helps educators to build their online courses. Top Hat has a growing community of instructional designers and editors. The marketplace can help academic institutions lower the cost of education. The company aims to create a better educational experience for students and professors. One way to do that is by allowing professors to sell their materials directly to the public.

Crowd Content

Whether you’re looking for content for your blog, website, or other online needs, Crowd Content is a great place to get it done. Pricing is based on the length and quality of the content you need, and you can pay with your credit card or PayPal. You can also place a team order to select a writer based on their profile and ratings. Signing up is easy, too. You’ll just need to provide your email address, choose a password, and check a box to agree to the terms and conditions of the service. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to your personal dashboard, which includes your orders and other details. You can also find a helpful FAQ section and “how to” articles and videos to get started.

Crowd Content was originally a marketplace, but it recently added a Managed Content side, which involves project managers and a more organized workflow. This option requires more time and effort on the part of writers, however, as they need to learn complex templates. There are also longer review times and a more rigorous QA process. Some writers may prefer the higher per-word rate offered with managed content, though.

Brightcove’s PLAY 2016

The premier event for Brightcove customers and partners, Brightcove’s PLAY 2016, takes place May 16-17 in Boston, MA. Attendees will learn how to leverage video to create new revenue streams and drive business success. Speakers will cover a range of topics, including how to use video to engage customers. During Day One, attendees will learn from industry experts about the latest trends and challenges in the media industry.

The conference will also feature a demo of Brightcove’s new video hosting solution, Brightcove Live. This solution will feature secure streams and new clipping and distribution capabilities. The conference will also feature a panel discussion on the future of video marketing. Brightcove’s PLAY 2016 will be the company’s fourth annual user conference and will focus on the business needs of content owners and marketers.

Brightcove’s PLAY 2016 will feature a powerful HTML5-first video player with support for adaptive bitrate video. The player’s GUI will be written entirely in HTML5, with only minor reliance on Flash on older browsers. It also offers a customizable skin, which adapts to web layouts and keeps aspect ratio intact. Brightcove PLAY 2016 is designed to work with your favorite analytics and advertising systems, which will help you make better use of video content across your desktop.

Top Content Marketplace Toronto


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