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How To Promote Your Etsy Shop

So, you’ve finally decided that you want to know how to promote your Etsy store. The good news is, you can be as creative and innovative as you want in how you promote your Etsy store. But of course, even the most artistic and most inspired person can only do so much. And so, here are some simple tips to promote your Etsy store that will get you going.

The first thing to consider when you are thinking about how to promote your Etsy store is where exactly you plan on promoting it. Is your best bet going to be online? Is there a certain niche market that you intend to serve? And, perhaps the best way for you to decide on which avenue is best for you to pursue is by breaking down what you hope to accomplish with your Etsy store in terms of sales, traffic, profits, and other important goals.

Once you have figured out the goals you hope to meet with your Etsy business account, then you can go after these goals one by one and decide the best way to reach each goal. For example, one of the goals you may wish to achieve with your Etsy store is to have a solid reputation in your chosen niche. Therefore, the best way for you to gain a solid reputation with Etsy buyers is by pinning relevant and useful Pins on relevant and helpful products. For instance, if a pin is about the best way to whip up a stuffed penguin for an X-mas party, and that penguin is about how to make Christmas wreaths, then you would pin the link on a Christmas wreath or Christmas ornament. And that is how to promote your Etsy store.

The reason that you want to target customers who are looking for new pins and not necessarily products is because the Pins you pin on your Etsy store will also help you build a strong presence on Etsy. When people browse through the listings, they will see the Pins you’ve pinned on new projects and will want to check out what you’re promoting. If your pins are interesting and relevant to the products you are selling, then people will be compelled to click on them and visit your website. And, as we’ve mentioned before, if a potential buyer decides to follow your link from your Etsy store, then that could mean a lot of traffic for you!

Another way you could use pins to promote your Etsy store is by creating diy boards. There are two main ways that DIY boards work. First, people will sign up to join the boards. Next, you will provide a URL that is linked to one of your Etsy store products. Thus, if someone finds your pin and wants to find out more about your craft shop, but has no idea where to start, they can just go to your Etsy store’s pin list and click on the link to your “pins” section.

You can also use pins in social media. For instance, MySpace offers a pin engine that you can plug into your site. When a user pins a picture of your item, the system will post it on their Facebook page. The system will also post your pin on Twitter as well, which means if someone likes the pin, they will be able to take it from Twitter and post it on their Facebook or Twitter page.

So, how do you get started with this? For the best results, I recommend using a combination of both manual pinning and social media marketing for the best results. First, try using the pins and social media tools to promote not only your Etsy store, but your blog as well. When you pin an image from your blog, upload it to your Pinterest account so that your followers can see it. Then ask them to go to your Etsy store and click the pin icon to confirm their pin.

Another great way to promote your shop is through the various online boards associated with your Etsy store. For example, there are Etsy boards related to specific items that you sell, such as wedding favors, so make sure to create posts on those boards that have links to your Etsy store. Also, make sure to upload any blog posts you’ve written to include your links to your Etsy store, as well as the URL to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

How To Promote Your Etsy Shop


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