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How to Promote Local Business Online Using Social Media Platforms

Social media is becoming very popular to use as a tool to market local businesses. You have many platforms available such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These platforms work well for many reasons. The main reason is that most people are on these platforms. This is because almost everyone has access to a computer and can connect to the internet.

Another reason why social media works is because anyone can make a video and post it to YouTube. The video will get hits on YouTube and get people talking about the business. There are many ways to promote local business online with these tools. Below is some information on how to promote local business online using these platforms.

The first way to promote local business online is to use local seo tools. Using Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local and other local business listing platforms is crucial. You need to have your business listed on each platform. Then you want to ping each platform three times per week to get maximum exposure to your business.

The second way is to use video platforms such as YouTube. This is a free tool that is very effective. YouTube has many viewing options so your message can be viewed by a specific target audience. You also don’t need a website to promote your business. You can go straight to their website to do all the marketing for free.

The third way is to use social media. This is a good tool but again, free. Most social media sites have around 150 million users so this is a great target to promote your local business to. With Facebook you can either create a fan page or you can use Facebook groups to promote your business. You can use video platforms such as YouTube and squidoo to do all your marketing.

Lastly, the fourth way is to participate in slack communities. I’m not talking about spamming or blatant promotion but genuine community participation. Look at the slack community for your niche and then create a profile for your business. Then start interacting with the community. Send them messages, become a friend of people in the group, start promoting your business using a button or blog link and generally spread the word about how to promote your local business using the social media channels.

In conclusion, the fifth step to how to promote local business online is building a powerful online store front. You don’t have to build a fancy website with fancy graphics. What you want is something simple that visitors to your online store will find easy to navigate. Then build a social media presence using YouTube, Squidoo and others.

When you’re ready to launch your online store, set up a Facebook page and Twitter account. Then get an SEO expert to optimize those two sites for you. If you don’t have one, then take a look at some of the services that we offer. Once you have everything set up, start promoting to your niche using the platforms we recommend. These five strategies will give you the best chance of success when you want to know how to promote local business online.

The five strategies to how to promote local business online are very easy to follow. What you want is simple, clean, optimized pages for your ecommerce store and social media pages. Once you have accomplished this, you will be ready to start setting up a YouTube channel, Squidoo lens, and Woocommerce store.

The five platforms we recommended in this article offer the best opportunity to build traffic to your ecommerce store. Once you set up an account with these platforms, join as many social media sites as you can. The more people you reach on these sites the more chances you have of getting people to your online store and local business directories.

These are just five tips for how to promote your local business online. In this article, we’ve talked about how to set up Facebook pages, squidoo lenses, and YouTube videos. We also discussed how to use social media platforms to build traffic to your websites and affiliate programs. Now that you have these tools, go out there and get the most from them.

How to Promote Local Business Online Using Social Media Platforms


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