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How to Make Money by Writing Articles

Articles can earn you up to $200 per word. There are several online platforms that offer writing opportunities. Article marketing sites such as iWriter and nDash can help you find clients. Informed Comment, for example, pays out to $200 per article. Cracked also pays up to $200 per article. These sites offer a variety of writing opportunities for writers who want to make some extra cash. You can learn more about how to make money by writing articles by reading the tips below.

iWriter pays $200 per article

You can earn up to $200 per article with iWriter. The site has many different categories, and each tier has different payment amounts and publication requirements. It also pays to increase your star rating to get more money. Some publications will pay you as little as $.10 per word for content that is worth reading, while others will pay you as much as $200 for a post. These are only a few of the sites that pay writers to write articles.

iWriter is open to anyone with a PayPal account. You don’t need to be a native English speaker to write for them; you can write about any topic, including books. iWriter accepts content from all over the world. You must be at least 18 years old to join. And once you’ve written your first few articles, the rest is just a matter of time before you’ll begin earning money.

You’ll be paid $200 per article when you meet the minimum requirements. iWriter pays out up to $200 per article. You’ll earn more money if you can complete special requests, but you’ll need to be aware of the low star ratings that can discourage some people from submitting their work. If you have a high star rating, you can expect to make more money. So don’t waste your time. Just keep writing and earn some extra money! If you’re serious about making extra money from your writing, iWriter is the place to start.

If you don’t want to be paid for each article you write, you can try out the following sites. Listverse pays $100 per accepted post. It requires 1,500 words and includes 10 things. You can submit as many as you want! The more articles you submit, the higher the payout will be. Once you have a blog or a website that showcases your work, you can start earning money. And who says you can’t make money writing?

nDash charges clients

Unlike some freelance writing services, nDash does not pay writers directly, but rather connects writers with brands that need articles for their website. To become a writer, you must register and create a writer profile. You’ll then be vetted by a team that makes sure you have the experience and credentials necessary to be successful. Once you’re verified, you can begin to pitch your ideas to brands, and start receiving payments.

To become a verified writer, you need to have a high-quality portfolio. To become verified, you must submit at least three articles in order to gain access to the company’s profile. nDash’s verification process is simple. You sign up for a free account, request verification, and wait for approval. After 90 days, you can then update your profile. Once you are verified, you can access nDash’s brand profiles and job opportunities.

To become a writer, you need to be a proven subject matter expert and must wait for approval from the company before you start work. Once you have been approved, you can browse writing assignments and pitch companies with unique ideas. Typically, less than one percent of writers are accepted, but they can negotiate a fee for their work and set their own rates. Most assignments pay between $150 and $450. However, you can choose to pay writers directly through nDash, which saves you time and money.

nDash connects brands with professional writers by acting as the middleman between the two. You must sign up with nDash before you can access the brand’s profile and start writing articles for them. This will enable you to set your rates and create a personal relationship with the brands. This will help you land more clients and build a sustainable business with the company. You will also be able to customize your profile with the topics that interest you.

Cracked pays $200 per article

Regardless of your level of writing skills, you can find an article writing gig on Cracked. This popular lifestyle and personal finance website will pay you between $100 and $200 per article. The topics covered are wide-ranging and you can choose between a variety of topics. Cracked is a great place to write if you have a flair for humor or a unique take on a topic. If you’re unsure what to write, the site’s writers will be more than happy to give you pointers.

The website requires that your article be at least one thousand words long, have a relevant image and be 100 percent original. Cracked is also looking for humorous articles that have a high impact on readers. The average article length for Cracked is around one thousand words, and you can earn between $50 and $200 per article. Cracked also has a popular podcast called The Cracked Show, which pays $200 per episode.

The pay is negotiable, but typically, article writers will earn $50-$150 per published article. The website aims to publish two or three guest posts per month. To be published on Cracked, you must submit an outline of your article along with your fee expectation. Please be prepared to submit a sample of your work, as they will need to make an informed decision based on your sample and your writing style.

You can also submit to magazines or websites that pay more. Cracked pays $200 per article and publishes the most controversial news stories. You can write about anything from politics to pop culture, as long as you’re comfortable making fun of anything. You can submit articles for Cracked and other online journals aimed at young writers. For an even more professional look, you can also submit articles to the polished literary journal Grasslimb.

Informed Comment pays $200 per article

There are numerous online publications where you can publish your articles for a fee. Informed Comment is an online journal that publishes articles on policy issues, such as US foreign policy, Middle East affairs, and South Asian affairs. You can earn $100 to $200 per article, depending on the length of the article. The website also allows freelance writers to submit their own articles, which are typically between 800 and 1000 words long. Once accepted, you can expect to receive payment via PayPal within two weeks of submitting the article.

Humorous Articles is an online publication focused on humor and general articles. It pays between $50 and $200 per article, and pays through PayPal. They’re always looking for humorous articles, so keep this in mind if you’re looking to write a funny article for a living. Similarly, you can get paid from $75 to $200 per article at Informed Comment. This website also requires tight, original content.

JSTOR Daily pays $200 per article

When it comes to academic research, there are very few places in the world that pay more than the astronomical prices of JSTOR. Those prices vary widely from ten to fifty dollars, depending on the publication and where it appears. It’s also important to note that JSTOR is not owned by the university or publisher, but by the institution that subscribes to its content. JSTOR also offers a 3% agent commission on all orders.

JSTOR Daily is a new online publication that’s aimed at promoting the services of the JSTOR archive. It also reaches people who otherwise may never have heard of JSTOR. It can help the scholarly publishing community demonstrate its relevance. JSTOR Daily can be an effective way to reach a wider audience and prove that the scholarly community is still relevant today. So what’s the catch? You don’t have to be a scholar to write for the service.

The amount of compensation that JSTOR Daily pays is fairly consistent across contributors, but it does depend on word count. For example, if you write a two to five-kiloword feature, you’ll be paid around $400. At the same time, you can also submit shorter stories for departments for $150 to $350. Similarly, the Sun Magazine seeks essays and fiction pieces, and pays between thirty and seventy cents per word.

You don’t need to be a professor to publish articles on JSTOR, and you don’t have to have a PhD in order to participate. The website provides articles from various academic journals and primary sources. JSTOR offers articles for a range of subjects, and is available to libraries, scholars, and other institutions. By writing, you can make a significant income while gaining a new skill set. And JSTOR has no annual fee.

How to Make Money by Writing Articles


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