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How to Increase the Average CTR for Mobile Banner Ads

Despite their popularity, mobile banner ads have a low CTR. According to a recent study, the average click-through rate for mobile banner ads is just 0.14%. This means that most people are clicking on mobile banner ads accidentally. To increase their CTR, some advertisers have developed artificial banners to mimic the UI. However, being honest with users can have other benefits. To increase the CTR of mobile banner ads, be honest with your users.

The size of a display ad is important to capturing attention. Larger ad sizes tend to perform better than smaller ads. Using the wrong ad size can limit your campaign’s reach or make your ads ineffective. Standard high-reach banners and mobile ads are the best choices for effective campaigns. The following table shows the average CTR of mobile banner ads. Listed below are some useful tips to improve the CTR of your mobile display ad.

Global display ad benchmarks reveal significant differences in response rates among industries. Retail, telecom, and apparel have the highest CTRs (0.24%), while sports, corporate, and careers have the lowest. Rich media banners have the lowest CTRs (1.5% globally). However, in North America, video start rates are high – up to 98.6%. But what makes them so appealing?

The average CTR for mobile banner ads varies by industry and device. The highest CTRs were recorded for web advertising in telecom and apparel, while the lowest ones were found for careers, sports, and other sectors. However, in rich media banners, the best CTRs were achieved in the financial and healthcare industries and the least in entertainment. The internet is used by about 50% of the world’s population.

Mobile display ads have higher CTRs than standard banners. This is because they are optimized for mobile interactions. A good mobile display ad is a responsive HTML5 banner. Ideally, it is optimized to fit the screen’s size. This way, the ad will fit the mobile screen in any location. The average CTR for these ads can be as low as one percent. A highly targeted campaign is a good idea for any company.

In addition to the high CTR for mobile ads, marketers should follow UI principles. The colors red and black are not a good combination. The text should be readable and easy to understand. Avoid ads that force users to watch the video. This will only result in one website visit. If a user clicks on a mobile banner, it should be an advertisement related to the topic. But if users are forced to watch the video, it will be useless.

Despite high CTRs for mobile banner ads, they are not as effective as standard banner ads. On the other hand, rich media CTRs are significantly lower than standard banners. While the average desktop-based CTR for mobile banners is 0.75%, the average mobile banner ad CTR for rich media is 0.67%. Similarly, the video start rate for rich media formats varies widely, from 85 percent in South Asia to 99 percent in North America.

As for the ad formats, mobile devices have the largest audience. The average CTR for standard banner ads is 2.1% in the United States and 0.83% in the UK. Apple is the leading platform, with more than half of all consumers having access to the web. This means a lower CTR for mobile banner ads for mobile devices, but it is still an important factor to consider when comparing the two formats.

CTR for standard banner ads is typically 0.2% to 0.51%. The average CTR for rich media formats depends on the industry and format of the ad. While some industries see higher CTRs than others, standard banners generally have a lower impact than rich media. The percentage of people who click on a rich-media advertisement varies widely by industry. The highest-converting banner ads are interactive and contain the most content.

How to Increase the Average CTR for Mobile Banner Ads


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