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How to Check Content Quality on Your Website

How to Check Content Quality on Your Website

If you’ve ever wondered how to check content quality on your website, you’re not alone. According to Lauren Kaye, content marketing expert, there are so many different forms of content on the web, and they’re not all equally good. The key is to be better than average. So how can you tell whether your content is worth the time, effort, and money? Below are some tips to keep in mind as you publish your next piece of content.


Siteliner is a free web application that scans a website’s content quality and shows its results in a detailed report. It has an easy-to-use interface and offers a report within minutes of running the scan. Simply type the domain name in the search box to begin. The report will include a summary of the site’s performance, the total number of words on each page, and the average page size and loading time. You can also see tabs containing information about each specific issue.

The report produced by Siteliner will show you key information about each page on your website. It will highlight any duplicate content – the same content that is found on another page at a different URL – and broken links, which are links to pages that have been moved. The tool will also show you how many pages have a similar or duplicated URL. A Page Power score will tell you whether a page has good or bad internal linking strategies.


Use Dashword to find relevant terms fast. It scans the top results for keyphrases and extracts the most relevant terms for you. Additionally, it identifies LSI keywords around your subject, helping search engines understand your content better. This will help your content rank higher in search results. It will also tell you whether your content is well-written and has a high readership score. Dashword has a wide variety of features to help you optimize your content.

Most hospitals store their dashboard content in multiple, incompatible source systems. This makes the process of validating content a challenge. While some hospitals extract content directly from their data warehousing systems, most hospitals maintain a data warehouse to store their content. The main challenges in the second phase of dashboard development are discussions about validity and extracting relevant content from existing IT systems. Dashword is a powerful tool for content quality assessment, but it is not without its limitations.


To determine whether your content is of high quality, use Acrolinx. This tool checks content for style, readability, and consistency. It gives an overall score and also suggests ways to improve weak phrases. According to a recent study, most global brands’ content is poor quality. The study also shows that consistency is an issue; only 27% of global brands’ content has a high content impact score.

Once you have the right Acrolinx score, you can use it to improve your content. Acrolinx has a robust analytics dashboard where you can see how your content stacks up against the competition. You can also compare different versions of a piece to see what improvements need to be made. This information can help you improve your content operations and govern your content better. Acrolinx makes it easy to check content quality, as it uses the most relevant and useful metrics.

Google Analytics

If you want to get your content seen by your target audience, it’s crucial that it inspires them to take action. Content should start with headlines, thumbnails, and images, and continue through to the previous page of your sales funnel. Your destination pages should have specific marketing objectives, such as email signups, likes, or conversions. Content that doesn’t inspire action won’t generate any traffic.

To check the quality of your content, you can use Google Analytics’ Content Audit feature. This tool analyzes your content and suggests improvements that will boost its performance. It also offers a time estimate for each set of content, so you can stay in control of its lifecycle. You can even assign tasks to your team members based on the pages they analyze. You can use this information to set up and monitor your content marketing strategy.

Writing a checklist for content quality

If you want to succeed in SEO, writing a checklist of the qualities your content must have is vital. A content QA checklist will help you ensure that your articles are unique and of high quality. When you create a content QA checklist, you are making sure that your articles will be ranked higher in search engines. Checklists should be relevant to your target audience and be written at a level that is appropriate for their knowledge.

Whether you’re creating a website from scratch or just trying to improve the current content on your existing site, a checklist will make the process of self-assessment easier and less time-consuming. The key elements of a content QA checklist are content quality, design, readability, and optimization. Once you’ve created a checklist, you can use it as a guide for your website.

How to Check Content Quality on Your Website


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