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Best Places to Hire Content Writers

There are several websites that offer a pool of content writers. These include Scripted, AgentsClub, Envato Studio, and Copypress. These sites have different criteria for hiring a writer. However, if you’re looking for a freelancer who’s not just writing articles, these sites are worth checking out. They allow freelance writers to post their portfolios and rates to help you find the best writer for your project.


Scripted is a site that lets you find and hire content writers. The platform matches your content order with a writer, meaning you don’t have to worry about paying too much. Writers are automatically matched to your content order, and you can even view their workflow. If you’re thinking about using Scripted to find a content writer, you might be surprised to learn that you can access more than 18 different types of content. However, you must be willing to pay $199 per month for a membership and to pay for content orders.

Scripted only accepts the top 2% of writers. However, you should keep in mind that writers on this platform may not be as professional as those on freelance websites. Since the content writers on Scripted are not high-end freelancers, you won’t find them as high-quality as those on content mills. On top of that, they can also be dropped from the platform suddenly. If a client posts a bad review or takes a medical leave, the writer may disappear.

Another important thing to consider when hiring a writer is how they will communicate with you. You need to be able to get in touch with your writer on a regular basis. This can be through email, phone calls, or video meetings. This helps you make sure you get the right writer for your needs. The best content writers will be able to communicate with you easily, but they will also have their own limitations.

Upwork is a freelance marketplace that connects freelancers and businesses. You can post a content writing job on Upwork and search for writers by specialty or location. Upwork also lets you browse pre-set content writing packages to get the best content writers. Whether you need content written by an English-speaking writer or a freelancer, Scripted will help you find the perfect writer for your project.

Another great option for content writers is The Writer Finder. It connects business owners with skilled freelance writers based on their qualifications and price range. Depending on your content needs, you can choose from a list of three top writers and create a workable contract. Many of these writers are subject-matter experts and will provide you with content that meets your needs. The Writer Finder also allows you to find a content calendar for your needs, and it offers help with other writer-related tasks. The Writer Finder charges a flat fee of $250 and delivers three professionally-trained writers to you within 72 hours.


Scripted is a platform where you can find and hire freelance content writers. The cost of a long-form blog post starts at $39 per piece, and you can choose a five-day delivery deadline. Before paying, you can view the writer’s proposals and accept the content if you’re satisfied with the results. Scripted also lets you get an idea of how much the work will cost, and whether it’s right for your company.

Communication is essential when it comes to hiring a content writer. It’s vital to keep in touch regularly with your writer, and you should also give them regular feedback and payment. You can also ask for client testimonials and reviews. A good communication relationship will save you time and money in the long run. If you’re not sure about the work of a content writer, try reading their previous work.

Besides being affordable, writing from an agency will ensure that your content is always high-quality and of high-quality. You can choose from a roster of writers who have experience writing on a variety of topics. AgentsClub is the best place to hire content writers because of the added flexibility you get from hiring a team of writers. A good marketing agency will also facilitate the hiring process. The results are often great!

There are many places to hire content writers. Job boards, classified ad sites, and career sites are a few options. But these methods may take time. Screening applicants and hiring the best one can be time-consuming. And you need to be patient while screening applicants. AgentsClub is the best place to hire content writers online. You can choose from hundreds of qualified content writers. If you have a small business, relying on internal hiring will be more cost-effective.

If you want to hire content writers, a Facebook group can help you find them. Just make sure to avoid groups with thousands of members. The chances are you’ll receive fifty comments on every advertisement you post. Instead, join groups with similar businesses like ecommerce and SaaS growth hacks. You can also ask other businesses you know who writes content for their blogs. Your content writer may have an idea of how to hire them for your business.

Envato Studio

If you’re a business owner, Envato Studio is the best place to find freelance writers and content marketers for your project. This marketplace is home to over 60,000 professionals, including website programmers, web designers, and logo designers. Not only will you find a writer who fits your needs, but you’ll also find a price and payment method that’s convenient and reliable. There are also several other benefits to working with Envato Studio, including their ability to hold your money for both parties.

Envato Studio’s marketplaces are divided into 10 broad categories. Each category has multiple freelancers who can create unique content for your website. All content writers have their own portfolios, so you can choose the right fit for your project. The platform also offers integrated project management tools, portfolio viewing, and price comparisons. Once you’ve decided to work with an Envato Studio freelancer, you’ll be able to view their portfolios and communicate with them directly.

Content writers can write for blogs, websites, eBooks, and other publications. Some also write for Kindle. Freelancing is another popular choice. Freelancer and Odesk connect freelance writers with requesters and collect a small commission from the writer. Upwork is another great option. But it’s best to research the different freelance writing sites before choosing one. It’s best to check out the freelance writing sites that suit your budget.


If you are in the market for a content writer, then you should sign up to to find the best content writers. Copypress allows freelancers to create and manage their own content, so there’s no need to pay for expensive agency rates. There are also many benefits to hiring content writers. Here are just a few of them. Copypress has a reputation for hiring quality writers, and you can rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth.

A complete platform for marketing and advertising content, CopyPress is a trusted brand among enterprises, agencies and mid-market companies. Their production work is tailored to fit the needs of the clients and the project, and the company’s Production Manager carefully chooses resources based on their experience and background. CopyPress’ customer service is top-notch and their customer support team is responsive. CopyPress’ services are ideal for businesses that want to make an impact on the internet.

CopyPress has strict guidelines for writers, and they must meet strict requirements to become members of the community. Applicants must pass a rigorous application process and complete a quality assurance check. Once accepted, writers are assigned to a content strategist, project manager, writer and editor. They may be required to find royalty-free images and follow specific guidelines. If you are interested in becoming a writer at CopyPress, read on to discover how to become a copypress freelancer.

Another way to find a content writer is to look through the freelance websites. Copypress is one of the best places to hire content writers, and the service is very convenient for freelancers. The site is easy to use and contains a lot of information. Writers can choose between two and five star writers. The more highly rated content authors will cost you more. Then, choose the one you want from among the various subscription packages.

There are a few other options available as well. One option is Mechanical Turk. This site allows requesters to set an hourly rate, which freelancers can accept or decline. Other options include Freelancer and Fiverr, where you can post a $5 ad and find writers to bid on it. You should also look into Copypress and Envato Studio. These sites both allow you to select freelancers from their list of writers, and act as a middleman between the two parties.

Best Places to Hire Content Writers


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